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Welcome to Manal International

Manal International is your ultimate solution for products based in food industry, textile and garment sector and oil and gas equipment. With infrastructure and services spread in Russia, Pakistan and Middle East, Manal International houses the best manufactured goods which boast of quality and value for money. At Manal, we trade the most superior quality products and ensure that our dealers from Russia to Pakistan and Middle East benefit with our dealings. Our products are picked from the selected locations with the assurance that they are the worth every penny that our consumers spend. Dealing with Manal will not only make you profitable, but we will ensure that our track record of quality service is maintained and our client is never disappointed.

Our dealers get the best from every country that we choose to trade in. From Pakistan, we select the best quality food stuff which includes products such as rice, wheat, sugar and peanuts. Middle East is famous for the type of oil and olives that we trade in. Our oil and gas equipment are customized from Russia and then integrated with products from the Middle East. Apart from the food stuff and oil and gas equipment, we also trade textiles which include all sort of material and fabric types. Our fabric is made for export quality in Pakistan which can be customized as per the requirement of our dealers. Therefore, at Manal International, our trade partners and dealers get the best supplies which can be customized and packaged as per their requirements.